A View of the Sky

by Michael Fink

The stars are all dead, she said
The light you see is too late for them
We’ve nothing to save us left
And I begged her gaze upon the black
Which blankets a space more vast, and said
There are countless stars among those depths
Whose light hasn’t reached us yet
There is no time for love, she cried
There are too few moments in life
And we’ve none free to set aside
And I asked her to lie in my bed
Where our burdens might be shed, and said
We might be short-lived, and yet
Tonight, we are only short of breath
One must not fear death or life
One must not recoil from the light
For all that we have endured in our time
We have ensured that we will ever shine 

And when someone else gazes upon that same night sky
Let us love so bright, that if they fear the stars have died
They will know, those two still glow, whose love approaches the divine
Should you fear we have no time, I assure you we have all our lives
And the eternity by which they will remember our light
As lovers who knew only one truth in life
That the strength of the soul will conquer the coldest of nights
That we are home when we find ourselves in a lover’s eyes. 

The stars are all dead, she said
And smiled knowing, we need not their light.